Inspired by the Welsh Eisteddfod. Wales evokes green, circles and the beauty of language both spoken and sung. Eisteddfod combines all of these elements. The subtle range of blues and yellows create green shadows which move across the canvas. The square canvas has been turned frequently throughout the painting process and this emphasises the spirals and circles of ancient Celtic culture.

100 x 100 cm Oil and pastel on canvas


My Katy Painting

A perfect blue sky sits behind cherry blossom. This colour, a soft cobalt washed with cerulean only occurs when the cherry blossom is flowering. Cool crisp days warmed by the promise of spring sunshine. A bright red, or is it pink, Camelia blooms solo, strong and brave. Full of optimism supported by a strong pillared path through the highs and lows of a live lived well.

60 x 60 cm Oil on canvas


Hectic Morning

Exuberant enthusiasm made paint!

60 x 60 cm   Oil and pastel on canvas



Red blazing on its complimentary colours or blue green, yellow green. The moment the balance of a painting is achieved. The uplifting sight of natural colours singing.

60 x 60 cm   Oil and pastel on canvas



Placement of different colours cause the eyes to move through the dimensions of the painting.

60 x 60 cm Oil on canvas


Portals Greenwich Village NY. NY

Complex, energetic, crisscrossing the formal grid of New York streets and avenues. Glimpses of what was before, what may come, what might be found around a corner. Noise made visual. From the heights of High Line or the balconies of the Guggenheim to the churning waters of Hudson and East rivers.

Experimenting with collage inserts of previous paintings – stapled in bright, modern metal to glint through softer shades of green and purple paint. Energetic sweeping marking reflecting endless, restless.

100 x 100 cm Oil & collage on canvas


Sun stripes

Bars of light, lying like the ‘architectural’ slabs of low land form around Greece. Dazzling light shining through the air reflected in deep sea channels of white rock. Endless, relentless but welcome sunshine. Layers of paint represent the layers of civilisations, the enduring land – still, potent with myth and drama.

100 x 100 cm              Oil on canvas


Over the Third

Play of light in Nature. Seasons.  Thick layers of paint laid on with palette knives and scratched or scraped back to reveal bare earth – echoing growth and regrowth. Universal images of tamed land reclaimed by wilding evoking noise of elements and the invisible lives lived in woodland and hedgerow.

100 x 100cm    Oil on canvas


The Circadian Eternity of Maternity

Inspired by a Georgian Townhouse, Brunswick Square, Brighton, upstairs and downstairs. Generations of both the ‘family’ and their servants. The babies born, the mothers nursing through 24 hours. 24/7, year in, year out – mirrored by my own daughter becoming a mother. The eternal image of mother’s oval face and baby’s bullet head – exploded into birth and life. Divisions created to echo windows on time – layers of worn gold leaf representing gaudy jaunty Georgians, drab browns and muted greens for Victorians before vivid, energetic colours for the 20th century. The beach, the houses, the downs and the horses riding into the sky.

100 x 120cm     Oil & pastel on canvas